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Enterprise: 32, Firefly: 12, GP14: 32, Lark:6, TBD: 0, Total: 82

List of entries correct as of 16th September 2016   Class
Aldridge S.C.   GP14
Bangor University S.C.   Firefly
Bassenthwaite S.C. (C)   Enterprise
Birmingham University S.C. (A)   Firefly
Blackpool & Fleetwood Y.C. (A)   GP14
Blackpool & Fleetwood Y.C. (B)   GP14
Bolton S.C. (A)   GP14
Bolton S.C. (B)   GP14
Bolton S.C. (C)   Enterprise
Budworth S.C. (A)   GP14
Budworth S.C. (B) (M)   GP14
Budworth S.C. (C)   GP14
Burwain S.C. (A)   Enterprise
Burwain S.C. (B)   GP14
Cambridge University S.C.   Firefly
Chase S.C. (A)   GP14
Chase S.C. (B)   Enterprise
Chester S. & C.C.   Enterprise
Chester S. & C.C. (M)   Enterprise
Covenham S.C. (A)   Enterprise
Covenham S.C. (B)   Enterprise
Crosby S.&G. M.C.   GP14
Delph S.C.   Lark
Earlswood Lakes S.C.   Enterprise
Elton S.C. (A)   Enterprise
Elton S.C. (B)   GP14
Errwood S.C. (A)   Enterprise
Errwood S.C. (B)   GP14
Etherow Country Park S.C.   Enterprise
Hollingworth Lake S.C.   GP14
Hoylake S.C. (M)   Enterprise
Hykeham S.C.   Enterprise
Jumbles S.C.   Enterprise
Killington Lake S.A.   Enterprise
Lancaster University S.C.   Enterprise
Liverpool Y.C. (A) (M)   Enterprise
Liverpool Y.C. (B) (M)   Enterprise
London Corinthian S.C. (A)   Enterprise
London Corinthian S.C. (B)   Enterprise
Manchester University S.C.   Firefly
Merlin Rocket Owners Association   Lark
Middle Nene S.C.   GP14
Midland S.C. (A)   GP14
Midland S.C. (B)   Enterprise
Midland S.C. (C)   GP14
Mount's Bay S.C.   Lark
Newcastle University S. & Y.C.   Firefly
Nottingham University S.C.   Firefly
Pilkington S.C. (A)   Enterprise
Pilkington S.C. (B)   GP14
Pilkington S.C. (C)   Firefly
Plymouth University S.C.   GP14
Red Wharf Bay S.&W.C.   Enterprise
Rosendale Valley S.C. (A)   Firefly
Rosendale Valley S.C. (B)   Firefly
Royal Windermere Y.C. (A)   GP14
Royal Windermere Y.C. (B)   GP14
Rudyard Lake S.C. (A)   Enterprise
Rudyard Lake S.C. (B)   Enterprise
Scammonden Water S.C. (B)   Enterprise
Sebergh School S.C.   Lark
Sheffield Hallam University S.C.   Enterprise
South Staffs S.C. (A)   Lark
South Staffs S.C. (B)   GP14
South Staffs S.C. (C)   GP14
South Staffs S.C. (D)   Firefly
South Staffs S.C. (E) (M)   GP14
Southport S.C. (A)   GP14
Southport S.C. (B)   GP14
Staunton Harold S.C. (C)   GP14
Toddbrook S.C. (A)   GP14
Toddbrook S.C. (B)   Enterprise
Ulley S.C.   Enterprise
Upper Thames S.C.   Lark
West Kirby S.C. (A)   GP14
West Kirby S.C. (B)   Firefly
West Lancashire Y.C. (Enterprise)   Enterprise
West Lancashire Y.C. (GP14)   GP14
West Lancashire Y.C. (C)   GP14
West Oxfordshire S.C. (A)   Enterprise
West Oxfordshire S.C. (B)   Firefly
Winsford Flash S.C. (C)   GP14

24 Hour Race

8th & 9th
September 2018

This WeekThis Week2483
This MonthThis Month13130
Total To DateTotal To Date2531113
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The 52nd 24 Hour RaceThe 52nd 24 Hour RaceWest Lancashire Yacht Club

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